Eastwind Capital Wealth Management - Westerville, Ohio

921 Eastwind Drive,
Suite 101
Westerville, OH 43081


Why We're Different

Our independence empowers us to recommend strategies that perfectly fit with your best interests. As a basic rule at our firm, we personally invest in the products and services we recommend to our clients. From stocks, market-protected assets, long-term care strategies, and more, our advisors use their expertise as a benchmark for your success.

Transparent, Reliable & Secure Communication

We believe technology is a conduit to stronger relationships and financial solutions. In our increasingly digital world, you must be able to view your online portfolio at your convenience. Through our state of the art technology and user-friendly programs, we provide you with maximum flexibility. These leading-edge tools provide unmitigated and fully-protected access to key financial documents, portfolio reports, and more, so you can have access to your valued information anywhere and anytime.

We are also dedicated to delivering modern and efficient avenues to connect you with our team. Whether you’re at home or away, our virtual meeting software makes it easier than ever to have face-to-face conferences. While in-person discussions will always retain their value, we are pleased to provide more flexible ways of communicating with your team.

Proactive & Comprehensive: What Makes A Great Wealth Management Advisor 

Beyond embracing technology and effectively reading the market, Eastwind Capital Wealth Management takes special interest in fully understanding what you want out of your future and your legacy. We can navigate the complexities of the financial world, but we also have the ability to understand you on a personal level - what are you planning for? What obstacles have you overcome and what roadblocks do you suspect may arise over time based on your personal experiences? Our wealth management advisors consider all facets of your goals and lifestyle before crafting a long-term plan that fits your vision.

We bring it all together while you live your best life. 

Physical or Virtual, We’re Here For Your Success

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