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Jack  Staley-Valley

Jack Staley-Valley


Hello! My name Jack Staley, and I am the Canine Executive Officer of the firm. I’m pretty awesome. There’s a reason visiting clients always ask to see me as soon as they visit the office.On most days, I am the designated client greeter, but I prefer to sit where I belong: at the head of the table in the conference room. The only thing I like more than having clients rub my belly and make me feel loved is getting treats when the stock market is high. Though I was born in July 2009, I didn’t enter the financial services industry until I was adopted in November 2009. Though I’m working towards earning my CFP (Chow For Pups™) designation, I do currently have the paperwork to prove I’m an AKC-line, full-blooded Chinese Crested Powderpuff.

Though everyone suggested I make a career out of being a show dog, I ultimately elected to live a more normal life with my mom and dad. Outside of the office, I enjoy traveling, going on walks, and trying to catch squirrels. My favorite toy is an orange squeaky that Santa gave me on Christmas three years ago. It’s super loud. Outside of the office, you can find me sitting by my friends and family on the couch and making them so relaxed that it takes hours for them to get up. Thank you for reading my biography, and I look forward to getting petted by you (also, please bring me treats).