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Our Process

Sound financial plans often help calm life's uncertain moments. Financial markets shift continually and economies do change. At Eastwind Capital Family Wealth Management, our customized strategies are built to evolve with these changes. That’s why we provide a consistent, objective approach to ensure your financial plan is integrated for today and optimized for the future.

Step 1: Setting Goals

By identifying short and long-term objectives, our advisors strive to gain a deep appreciation for every aspect of your situation before offering recommendations.

Step 2: Identifying Your Current Plan

Many of us are unaware of the exact status of our financial allocations. We will analyze your current plan and identify the risk, liquidity, income strategies, and more to help you fully understand where you are today.

Step 3: Developing Your Plan

After gaining a total understanding of your objectives, we will present a comprehensive diagnosis of your current financial situation, along with recommendations for reaching your goals. This plan sets the foundation for all of our future work together.

Step 4: Implementing the Strategy

Upon your decision to move forward with the proposed plan, we will then commit ourselves toward achieving your goals. We will also execute the necessary documents to put your investment plan in motion.

Step 5: Total Coordination

We also coordinate with other members of your financial team to promote your total financial well-being. By forming a collective, we can carefully structure every area of your plan.

Step 6: An Ongoing Relationship

Discipline, patience, and foresight are at the bedrock of our process. We believe successful investing is predicated not on timing markets, but on quality time in the markets. Through fully understanding your priorities and applying our simple philosophy — ask, listen, understand, strategize, and execute, we are able to build carefully diversified plans that match your comfort level in regards to risk management.

Where will your process lead you?