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The Proactive Wealth Planner

| May 11, 2020

Eastwind Finds Financial Opportunity Among The COVID Chaos 

Every commercial, news broadcast and PSA uses the phrase “uncertain times” when describing the current level of worldwide volatility. But that’s not how we see the world at Eastwind Capital Wealth Management. Instead of waiting patiently for the market to calm down and sort itself out before acting, we remained in attack mode to ensure success for our clients - and we want to bring that same energy and proactive action to your portfolio.

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While Others Were Paralyzed, We Remained Aggressive - & It Worked 

While the market faced immense volatility in recent months, we used complete data to navigate the waters and identify areas that growth. We compiled a holistic view of the market, free of uncertainty, fear or outside influence on behalf of our clients. And it paid off. While many 401ks, investment portfolios and retirement plans took massive hits and heart-stopping nosedives, Eastwind clients have seen increases in their wealth. 

Take a closer look at just some of our proactive moves since the pandemic began: 

The Dust Never Settles, The Rust Never Sets 

The professional financial advisors at Eastwind have been around the block a few times. We helped clients thrive throughout the recession and pushed them to a very comfortable retirement when economic records were being broken. Our team is constantly looking for the next opportunity on behalf of our clients. We analyze history, monitor current market trends that go beyond the surface and make moves accordingly. You’ll never catch us on our heels or sitting on our hands. 

Eastwind is a wealth management advisory firm that operates at maximum efficiency at every turn. Every move is calculated. We don’t waste money, time or moves. We have complete operational stability, even during a pandemic, and can keep up with an ever-changing market, even when the transaction volumes reach all time highs. 

Clear Client Communication: Reach Us However You Like 

At Eastwind, we’re proponents of transparent conversations - which is why we offer our clients a number of options when it comes to reaching our team. We will always value in-person communication and the sincerity that goes with a handshake, but we also will adhere to the new normal of today. If you’d like to schedule a meeting at our Westerville office, we can make that happen. Wish to dig through the details within the comfort of your own home? We also offer secure, digital meetings! 

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